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Inside the Renaissance Home

Hidden TreasuresThis touchscreen exhibit enables visitors to explore objects within the V&A's Medieval and Renaissance Galleries.

The objects are grouped by theme and place, and 26 of them have custom animated treatments that reveal more about how they were used.

Page turning interactives

Hidden TreasuresAlso in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the V&A, I developed three touchscreen "page turning" interactives. The brief was to build these on top of a third-party image server platform that has a page turning module designed mainly for online catalogues. I adapted and extended this technology to make it suitable for the touchscreen, and to allow for a whole range of overlays to be placed on the pages, allowing visitors to explore and learn about the page content without interfering with the view of the page.

Tell us what you think

Royal collection OnlineThis installation is in the V&A's Ceramics Galleries. Focussing on 20th century studio ceramics, it encourages and enables visitors to record video comments on any of the ceramics on display. Other visitors can then browse these comments and, if they wish, rate them.

The installation uses an open source version of the Flash Media Server and a custom recording and playback interface. We also provided a backend system for remote review of the video clips, so that they can easily be moderated by staff.

Royal Collection microsites

The Magical Worlds of Joseph cornellThis on-going series of projects forms part of the Royal Collection website (see following page).

I have been responsible for developing a set of tools and templates that enable staff at the Royal Collection to rapidly develop web microsites with an individual style, but with a minimum of custom code and design.

This supports their ambitious exhibitions programme, where each exhibition has its own graphic style. The screenshot shows a portion of the 'Web Exhibitions' page to indicate the diversity and range of microsites that has been produced.

It is possible to create, style and publish a microsite in a matter of hours.

Visit the web site at http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/exhibitions/

Search the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection

ROH collectionsI designed and produced this "Search the collection" system for the V&A's Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection. It is installed on public computers in the galleries and is designed to be easily updated with data from the Museum's collection management system and images from their digital asset management system.

The system has subsequently been rolled out to the Ceramics, Medieval and Renaissance, Jewellery, Glass, Tsui (Chinese), and Silver galleries.

It can be given a new design skin to suit each environment, and many options can be customised by the client in a browser-based administration system.

V&A Theatre Galleries

ROH collectionsI developed a number of touchsreen interactive installations for the Theatre Galleries at the V&A.

These featured a video-based interactive backstage tour of the West End production "Wicked"; interactive interviews with actors, directors and others involved in theatre; and page turning interactives featuring historic theatrical scripts and scores.

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